Esperides Resort evolved out of the desire to highlight the authenticity of Crete Island, making luxury part of it.

We are committed to showing that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand, encouraging guests to slow down and become accustomed to local culture and the Cretan way of life as part of their travel experience.

We value process over result, creating long-lasting partnerships with local producers and farmers for the best quality of food, bringing an abundance of fresh products daily that promote Cretan gastronomy.

Since the early beginnings of the construction, our aim has been to use essential natural elements of the Cretan earth. We sourced local stone with an emphasis on traditional architecture and techniques, while a team of local mechanics, architects and craftsmen brought new life into the 10 hectares of land with respect to the flora and the natural environment.

The colourful palette of the Minoan Palace came alive in the architecture, while beautiful flora embraced the exterior.

We continuously look for energy-saving methods in lighting and daily operations, water and waste management.

Solar panels save energy-producing hot water for the use of the hotel, while we are in the process of completely abandoning the use of plastic and adopting more eco-friendly procedures throughout the resort.

Our commitment to the environment and the local community grows daily and we persistently care for the local economy, implementing practices and actions for the good of our people and the environment.