We have come a long way in hospitality, bringing a wide range of professionalism and knowledge to what we do.

The visionary Giannis Tsagarakis, the man behind Esperides Resort Crete, understands that pure luxury hospitality comes from understanding the past. Together with a local architect and an enthusiastic team of experts and travel professionals, he created an undisputed haven of modern luxury while highlighting the simple elements of the local aesthetics, history and culture of Koutouloufari Village and Crete.

That mindset has grown with time and has driven the founder and his team to create a resort that goes beyond just a stay by connecting the traveller to the place and supporting authentic experiences that showcase the hidden treasures of Crete.

From the bottom to the very top, everyone on our team is important when it comes to creating beautiful travel memories.

Gastronomy, well-being, architecture, traditions and history are our pillars of hospitality. You can rely on our dedicated team to make your stay a perfect bespoke experience created with care just for you.