Crete is more than a collection of unique sightseeing opportunities and UNESCO World Heritage monuments. It is a collection of stories.

Crete is a blessed destination, rich in history and culture, gastronomy and wonders of nature. Cretan life is a way of life beyond the ordinary, where warm-hearted locals honour guests by sharing their culture and everyday life like it is part of their DNA. The ancient Greek God of hospitality, Xenios Zeus, was born in Crete, and there is no other way to experience the one-of-a-kind hospitality of Cretans other than visiting Crete with open eyes and heart.

With a long list of things to do and see in Crete, the island is a remarkable destination on the world map. Every traveller finds a way to slow down and explore its unique character.

Greece’s heart beats on Crete when it comes to local gastronomy and farm-to-table culinary experiences. Crete is a haven of culture, authentic travel experiences and nature discoveries with traditions that go back into the ancient Minoan times.

Travelling to the villages and getting to know the customs and traditions is a great way to interact with the exciting local culture rich in architecture, religious monuments, farmhouses, boutique wineries, isolated monasteries, stunning long sandy beaches, gorges, and mountains. When it comes to intensive travel experiences, Crete just has it all.

Explore Crete—and discover yourself.