The main swimming pool at Esperides Resort Crete is designed for a special Pool Experience for its guests, allowing them to even spend and entire day by the hotel pool. The nearby Erato Pool Bar serves a special menu of all-day snacks, salads, coffee, beers and cocktails, which you can comfortably enjoy at your sunbed.

A day by the Main Pool at Esperides Resort Crete

      • Start your day by choosing the best sunbed for you. We highly recommend choosing one under our tall trees.
      • Pick up your book and read a couple of chapters, before taking your first dive in the clear waters.
      • It’s almost noon, so a cold coffee and a light meal (like a salad or a club sandwich) will be ideal for the hot weather.
      • After your light lunch, put on your headphones, choose your favourite music, lie back, and enjoy the warm Greek sun. We won’t mind if you fall asleep for a while!
      • A few more chapters from your book and a cold beer will get you to your next swim.
      • As the sun is getting down, order your favourite afternoon cocktail, enjoy it while listening to the Hotel’s relaxing music, and get ready for your rich dinner at Esperides Crete!

In order to ensure the maximum comfort for you and your family or friends, our Swimming Pool is heated from mid-April to mid-May & from late September to the beginning of November.